19 Stunning Home Decor Mirrors That Will Instantly Make Your Space Look More Expensive

Want to make your space look expensive without spending tons of money? These are a variety of inexpensive home decor mirrors that will appeal to any style!

You will find full length mirrors, wall decor mirrors, and bathroom mirrors, all while staying under budget!

After being inspired by all of these mirrors, you are going to be a pro at making your home look more expensive without spending all the money!

This post is all about the best home decor mirrors that everyone on a budget should know about.

Best Home Decor Mirrors

1. Full Length Mirror

Full length mirrors are a great tool to add depth to your room as well as practicality! We all know full length mirrors are essential for getting our outfit just right. Depending on your style preference, you could choose a stand-up mirror or a wall-hanging mirror. 

Mirrors this long are so versatile and can be used in just about any room, especially your bedroom – perfect for capturing the perfect outfit of the day or your newest sundress! If you’re thinking, “Hey, that’s me!” then you’ve come to the right place.

These are the best full length mirrors that won’t break your bank.

This 51×16 inch mirror from Amazon gives you the best of both worlds – standing AND hanging! For just $59.99, this full length mirror will be your go-to accessory for getting ready each morning. 

Pro-Tip: When deciding the location of your mirror, keep the reflection in mind!
Do you want to reflect your beautiful floating shelves? Your bedroom window for more natural light? Your overflowing laundry hamper… (not so much). Having a “clean” reflection will make your space look twice as tidy, but having a “messy” reflection will make it double as dirty. 

If you’re renting and aren’t allowed to mount anything to the walls (other than with a thumbtack), opt for the leaning mirror – just as effective and less work!

If you’re anything like me, you are DROOLING over this mirror! You honestly can’t beat the price – only $60 at Walmart for this 70×27 inch rustic wooden mirror. This would be absolutely stunning in a living room or large master bathroom to complete your farmhouse look. 

This is by FAR the most inexpensive mirror I’ve found at this size. Probably my favorite one on this entire list (I’m a sucker for farmhouse decor). This mirror will make you feel like you just stepped into a model home every time you walk in. 

For a more traditional look, go with this bronzed frame mirror with rope detailing. This Kirkland’s find is a little bit more pricey sitting at $64.99, but the bold wood color and classic detailing make this purchase well worth it. 

This mirror is 55×31 inches and would look especially elegant in a dining room with rich wood furniture, or beside a love seat coupled with fresh greenery and a wicker basket as pictured above. 

Keep in mind your wall space when shopping for mirrors. You want your mirror to be decorative and practical. If you don’t have the space for a large mirror to go up and down, maybe it’s best that you hang it horizontally. 

Whatever your case may be, finding an inexpensive mirror this size is tough! So hopefully these 3 get you going in the right direction. 


2. Decorative Wall Mirrors

Adding a decorative mirror to the entry way or living room can really give your space the element you never knew it needed. Some places to consider would be above your dresser or bookshelf, by your front door, in a photo collage above your couch, or a stand-alone mirror that speaks for itself in the dining room! 

This is your time to really play around with different style and shapes to get the exact look you’re going for. The possibilities are endless! 

These are the “must-have” decorative wall mirrors for staying under budget. 

Bohemian Mirrors

One of the trendiest styles right now is boho and I’ll admit, I’m loving every bit of it! Whether you’re into this style or not, you could still find a way to use these in your space and make them your own. Stay up to date and within budget with these funky decorative wall mirrors. 





If you’re going for the boho look, these are some great decorative mirrors to consider. Whether you’re into astrology, mandalas, or dream catchers either of these would add that wow-factor for a fraction of the price. 

I love having a mirror as a focal point in a room such as the moon phase collection above the bed. Statement pieces are guaranteed to make your space look more expensive than it actually is. Elevating your decor without a guilty wallet doesn’t have to be a struggle with one of these boho-chic mirrors.

Vintage Mirrors



We all love a good vintage mirror – especially when it’s less than $20! These are the best mirrors I could find on Amazon for the price and even some more expensive ones weren’t as cute. 

The detailing and gold accents are what give this style a “princess” vibe, and you’re never too old to feel like a princess. 

Pro-Tip: Go to your local thrift stores for antique mirrors!
You’re bound to find some really unique pieces that have some history to them. You can leave them as is or touch them up with some spray paint. Nothing a little DIY can’t fix. 😉

Modern Mirrors

Right now, the classic circle mirror is all the rage! And even when a new trend comes around, this timeless mirror will never go out of style. 

  • Get on-trend for a quarter of the price (literally) with this mirror from Amazon. Honestly, every room in the house needs one of these haha! Above the dresser, in your coffee corner, your reading nook… you really can’t go wrong here. And for only $29.98 compared to most I’ve found that are upwards of $90, this is almost (no, definitely) a no-brainer. 

Your space will look expensive because this mirror is so trendy right now, but little will they know, you didn’t spend nearly as much as everyone else did!

Nothing screams modern more than seamless mirrors. You can configured this 4 piece bundle into whatever shape you want to fit your space the best. Put it longways over a headboard or in a diamond above the couch – be creative with it! 

Three different sizes are ranging from $29-$36, which is still a good deal no matter which one you choose. For only seven dollars more, you could have a more oversized mirror… seems reasonable enough to me! 

Or, separate the four mirrors to put one in each room. It’s all about what works best for YOU!


Farmhouse Mirrors

Ahh, finally – farmhouse mirrors! They just have something special about them, don’t they? Finding the right one can seem difficult, but this selection should ease some of your stress. The window look is absolutely timeless and adds a delicate charm to your space. 





While these are a little more pricy than the other styles we’ve seen, don’t be fooled – these farmhouse mirrors are a STEAL! To get that rustic look with the same design could end up costing you double (and we’re all about saving money here)! 

Pro-Tip: Get crafty!
Remember when I said to look at your local thrift stores? If the $50 isn’t in your price range right now, I would definitely recommend shopping around some thrift stores and consignment shops and making it a DIY! Click the picture below for a one-minute step by step video on how to distress your own frames. 🙂 

After watching this tutorial, you’ll be a PRO at mastering the weathered look and want to do it to every frame you own! 

3. Bathroom Mirrors

Arguably THE BEST way to make your home look more expensive than it is is to swap your standard bathroom mirror with an elegant framed mirror. I have seen homes remodeled this way, and it instantly makes them stand out from the rest. 

Upgrading your bathroom mirrors can immediately increase the value of your home because it adds that personal touch of your own style. 

Bathroom Mirror

Add a modern flair to your bathroom with this two-piece vanity duo for only $54.99! These are 16×20 inches and, as you can see, completely transforms your bathroom and gives it a custom look that we all crave. 

If you are looking for a larger size, you may want to spend the extra ten dollars for the 18×24 mirrors. 

I honestly cannot think of a better way to give your home a “face-lift” than with this simple trick! 

The truth is, you can use ANY of these mirrors in your bathroom! That’s the beauty of it all! Mirrors are so versatile and can be a great accent (or focal point) for any room in the house! Use the full-length mirrors from earlier long ways for a double vanity or these quaint hexagon mirrors for a posh look in a little girl’s bathroom (let’s be honest, this mirror would be great in anyone’s bathroom no matter how old)! 

Whether you’re looking for a new apartment, house hunting, or just wanting to upgrade your current space, these home decor mirrors are a great way to make your space look and feel like a model home without spending tons of money!

This post was all about the best home decor mirrors that will give you that model home aesthetic for a fraction of the price.

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